Yaaay, my Book Is Out!! I love to help people with their careers.

I introduce to you, my book, 

“From the Classroom to the Boardroom and the Rooms In-Between”.

It is now AVAILABLE FOR SALE here: www.paystack.com.pay/yimiidogho


I love to help people find their career types.


Yimi Idogho engages with clients through numerous creative and innovative methods to live out an exceptional experience and achieve value for time and resources invested which are listed below:

  • Self-Discovery Sessions
  • Image/Branding Sessions
  • Personality Profiling
  • Employability/Entrepreneurship Sessions
  • Networking/Career Events
  • Assessment Centers
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • Retreats
  • Compatibility Tests

Career Tip

A certificate may get you a job, but cannot guarantee you the job: you need to prove yourself on the job and show that you merited the job as well.

Career Tip

You cannot just be SEEN, you need to be HEARD and appreciated at work: you have to do all that you can to make an impact at work. You cannot be ignored or sidelined.

Career Tip

Being an influencer and connector at work makes you being loved, respected and feared.


A session that guides a client going through a particular issue until clarity and necessary insight/truth/knowledge is gained or acquired.

A series of sessions taken with a client through actionable steps and feedbacks to reach a desired goal.

A session(s) taken to help alleviate/improve/relieve a particular state/situation/condition a client is currently in.


Happy Clients!

Yimi is someone I can talk to without feeling judged. You are that good and that is why I can be accountable to you and besides, you are an amazing person.
Deborah Okezie

I have always thought that you had some kind of spiritual insight on how to deal with other people's problems. Added to that, the God that created you gave you other people as well to take care of, what a load to bare so much on a human such as yourself but you carry it perfectly. Thank you for showing me the perfect way to be me.
Kauna Kunhiyop

Area of Expertise!

Recruitment & Placement
Compensation & Benefits
Employee Retention

Picking a Career
Changing Jobs
Salary Negotiations
Networking & Collaboration

Making an Impact at Work
Influencing and Connecting
Art of Leadership
Branding in the Workplace

HR Systems and Structures
Policy Development
Organizational Planning
Manpower Planning

I've worked with big agencies and individuals.

I work with organisations to train staff.

I also work with individuals to climb higher on the corporate ladder.

I can work with you to take your next step regardless of where you are right now.

Are you at a point where you want to take a major decision regarding your career, you don’t have to worry, I will work with you to take that step.


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