Gender Dynamics: How to Handle Work Situations Whether as a Man or Woman

This topic has nothing to do with gender bias nor gender equality.
It is a simple expository on how best to handle work situations as a lady or a man.

This topic has three parts:

1. Compensation Dynamics

This has to do with issues around promotion, salary raise and employment offers.

A. Placement/Appointment Offers:

Men negotiate long and hard enough for what they want; either a promotion pay raise or placement offer, while women usually take whatever is given to them. They usually would not negotiate because they tend to feel they have been given a favor.

B. Promotions/Salary Raise:

Men present their potentials and how they can make a difference in a team or to the company, while women ask for a raise or promotion by talking about past achievements. The take is this: A company needs to grow and advance. Your boss need innovative strides and not past results. Results are deliverables. They are KPS that you signed up on to deliver, so there is no much a big deal in your achievements.

2. Communication Dynamics

This has to do with how men and women respond to words.

Men respond to written words more seriously than women. They scrutinize every word written in an email. They are very sensitive and keen to know that there is respect and honor in what has been communicated to a man in written form. Meanwhile women tend not to see any undertone in a written communication. Even if they cite any reprimand or they can detect a harsh tone, you usually would apologize and try to make amends.

Women are more sensitive about spoken words. Harsh words tick off women. They may cry for 5 hours over the words spoken to her. Meanwhile, men dont really take spoken words to heart. They usually will shrug off a shouting boss or a shut down during a meeting.

3. Relationship Dynamics

Men tend to work with colleagues that matter in the work place whether they like them or not. While women only tend to make friends with colleagues that they like only.

The important thing to note is that the influence and impact is what is needed not the friendship. Learn to take advantage of the influential people at work.

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