How to Build Your Career

If you have just graduated from school or you have been working at just any job and you want to start building a career and are wondering where to start, no need to worry. There are eight (8) steps which I have highlighted to help guide you through. Building a career is fundamental in succeeding in a particular field. It involves deliberately planning and strategizing on activities and habits and modeling what other professionals do as listed:

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1. Set and Identify Your Goal(s)

Ask yourself these questions. Why have I picked this career path? What is my end goal? How does my passion fit into the end goal? All these questions must be answered in the positive otherwise, you will not be fulfilled and satisfied with your professional life.

2. Create Your Professional CV

A CV tells an employer what you are good at and how you can add value to an organization. That is why a CV must be professional. CV writing is a skill that you must learn or get an expert to guide you through. A CV should always be handy as opportunities are everywhere and you would not want to be caught off-guard.

3. Develop the Required Attributes

Every career has its particular skills/attributes or traits that you are to imbibe to attain huge success. For example, Nursing requires you to be caring, accurate and precise with records, pay keen attention to details, be neat and clean etc. If Nursing is the profession you have decided to build a career, then you must be caring, accurate with records, attentive to details and clean. All these are attributes that can be learnt and improved upon.

4. Go and Intern or Volunteer

A perfect and simplified means of getting a footing into a career is to volunteer or serve as an intern in an organization operating in your career field. Some Volunteer/Internship opportunities are easy to come by, by just writing an application and you get accepted. Other opportunities come with CV screening and or interviews before you are accepted. Whichever way it is, you

5. Attend Career Fairs

Most recruitment firms conduct career fairs for you to get an opportunity to meet potential employers so as to know what they do, what kind of people they employ and how much they pay fresh graduates. This is a golden avenue to learn how to present and market yourself. Some companies actually hire people from career fairs, however, most companies use this opportunity to scout for potential employees that they can further screen, interview and then employ. Anytime you hear of a career fair, take advantage of that opportunity. If you do not get hired on that day, you would have learnt one or two things to build up on for the next proper interview.

6. Create Your Social Media Pages

Please note that your social media page is vital to your employability! This statement was written in bold for emphasis. Go back to your pages-(Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and make it professional. Delete obscene images and content. Change your profile picture to a professional one. Your bio should be origina/l and genuine. A lot of recruiters screen you from your social pages.

7. Brand Yourself

Sell your skills, passion and abilities on social media. Put up content that tells anyone visiting your pages what you do and your interests. You never can tell who is visiting and why.

8. Network Purposefully

You should make efforts to attend networking dinners or lunches. More importantly, attend social events of your career field and interact with people. You will need these acquaintances in your climb up the corporate ladder. The people you meet at such events are the people that will call you when they see an opening or they will refer you for an opportunity.

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