Making Soup In the Workplace

What is your best soup?
Do you know how to make soup?
I am sure you are wondering what my soup is made up.

In making soup, you have to have the right ingredients and recipe. There are four rules within every organisation which I call S.O.U.P. rules.

What does this S.O.U.P. mean?

S stands for SPOKEN Rules

These rules are written in black and white. You would readily find them in the policy handbook or conditions of service in any organisation. Everyone talks about them and intentionally tries to stick to them. I will share seven of these spoken rules here:

1. Lateness is never pretty- be punctual to work and for meetings.

2. No fraud and be it coming to work or attending a meeting. Every Qaa,aatimes dependent on punctuality and work attendance. So if you are late on some days, your wages would be calculated by deducting the hours you were not on duty as required. Some meetings have a defined fine for lateness. So, if you must be late, please by all means give notice for every 10 minutes you would further be delayed or late.

3. No sleeping at work. You may never be taken seriously ever again at work.

4. No commercial activities and gambling at work.

5. No sexual harassment either subtle or explicit

6. Avoid illicit materials at work. Some organisations do monitor what you are doing online.

7. No drugs, alcohol and hard substances at work

O stands for OBVIOUS Rules

These are rules that are so common. They do not need to be written. Anyone with common sense easily and usually keeps to these rules without much effort.

1. When making calls, keep it low and brief. Dont hijack the conference room or washrooms.

2. No loud message or music should be heard coming from your computer. Your associations and affiliations should also be private to you alone and you must not impose it on your fellow colleagues.

3. Avoid eating food with pungent scents at your workstation. This may be tolerated at the canteen or cafeteria but not at the work station or if you are sharing an office.

4. You must never be caught taking office stationery home or using office gadgets for personal gains.

5. Your office space should be neat and tidy. It is a no-no to have a messy work station or have an over-filled trash bin around you.

6. All cell phone ringing tunes must be pleasant and with a reasonably low tone.

7. Learn how to chew gum responsibly. No loud popping and blowing balloons please. You do want to keep your reputation as being professional and corporate.

U stands for UNSPOKEN Rules

These rules are silent and not documented. They are almost like taboos, and as such speaking about them, and much worse, contravening them can spell your doom and in some cases destroy your career. Examples of unspoken rules are mentioned below:

1. By all means, if you are sick, please stay at home and do not come to work. Your health status is confidential, however, if you know that you have a medical condition that has severe implication on others, please by all means disclose it to the appropriate channel.

2. Never ever go for meetings, trainings or seminars without a notepad and pen! How unprofessional of you.

3. Avoid telling coworkers gory and explicit details about your life. It is not necessary.

4. Never flirt at work. It is gross and indecent. News would spread across of your phony nature. Rather, if you happen to be attracted to a coworker, be forthright and professional about it.

5. Spreading gossips and rumors, libel, treason and instigating comments about a fellow coworker is never tolerated. When you are known for any of these, you are marked for any likely restructuring, downsizing or retrenchment.

6. You are never to discuss your remuneration package with anyone else.

7. Please take this last one with utmost severity. Never ever by pass your boss to take a departmental decision or submit a report to another superior without the notice or informing your boss.

P stands for PERSONALISED Rules

These rules are created by individuals in an organization. You can enter a coworker’s bad book for breaking any of the personalised rules he or she has set for himself or herself.

Entering or working in an organisation, you must be VERY DISCERNING and KEEN to observe all these rules and ensure that you are not wanting in any of them.

1. Never gawk at a coworkers working documents or computer screen. Everyone guards his or her work judiciously.

2. Do not come around or lean over at a coworkers desk. This is shear over stepping your boundary.

3. Some of your coworkers may be allergic to some certain spices/foods. Some religions prohibit certain foods as well. You should try and know personal preferences of your coworkers to try and avoid such things that put them off or are not accepted by them so as not to create enmity between you and them.

4. Never assume that you and your colleagues are friends. Yes, you should be friendly with everyone at work and you should expect everyone to be cordial with you, but never assume everyone at work is your friend. As such, never crash a party or an event being hosted by a colleague if you are not invited. Worse still, never attempt to visit a colleagues house unannounced.

5. You may occasionally have some financial challenges and may need a bail out. It is best to opt for an I Owe You (IOU) from the accounts department or request for a salary advance than to borrow from a colleague. If you do have to borrow from a colleague, please only borrow from those you have a close working relationship with because money issues have to do with trust.

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